1. Waking up to the sound of rain.
  2. Puppies.
  3. Clean sheets and freshly shaved legs.
  4. Feeling someone pull you in tighter while they're asleep.
  5. Driving down a back road during Fall.
  6. Hearing your favorite song start as you turn on your car.
  7. Picking out the perfect Christmas tree.
  8. A long shower after an even longer day.
  9. Hearing that words, "you were right."
  10. Finding out someone said something good about you to your boss.
  11. The first drive in a new car.
  12. Hot chocolate and Christmas lights.
  13. Being in love.
  14. Hearing little kids laugh.
  15. Going through old pictures.
  16. Finishing a big, complicated task.
  17. Carving pumpkins.
  18. Having a usual at a restaurant.
  19. When someone remembers a small detail about you.
  20. Making someone else happy.
  21. A giant piece of death by chocolate cake.
  22. Dancing in the rain.
  23. The feeling immediately after finishing yoga.
  24. I could go on for days so: To Be Continued..