Fun Things to Do With a Pen

Some ideas if you get bored, inspired by middle schoolers!
  1. Tap it on a desk
  2. Click it
  3. Take it apart
  4. Put it back togeter
  5. Take it apart and throw one piece across the room
  6. Suck the ink out of it
  7. Break the ink cartridge and spill it on your hands
  8. Toss it in the air like a baton but don't catch it
  9. Take off the cap and make a whistling noise by blowing through it
  10. Leave it in a random place on the floor and ask for another pen
  11. Balance it on the tip of your finger
  12. Balance it on your head
  13. Stick it in your hair
  14. Place it on the space between your nose and your lips so it looks like a mustache