Went to the outlet mall today and couldn't help reminiscing on this story...remember this @mhemann?
  1. It was freshman year of college
  2. There was an outlet mall in Michigan City, not too far from where we were in South Bend
  3. @mhemann and I decided to go shopping one Saturday
  4. Neither of us had a car so we took the South Shore train, which goes all the way to Chicago but had stops in South Bend and Michigan City
  5. It was a cloudy, rainy day
  6. We got off at the Michigan City stop and quickly realized we had no way to get to the outlet mall
  7. I don't remember if we got off at the wrong stop or just hadn't researched ahead of time
  8. There were no maps and no one at the station to get information from. This was also before smartphones were really a thing so we had no help there
  9. A man was there in a pickup truck and seemed concerned for our well being
  11. I remember exchanging terrified looks with @mhemann to the effect of "this was dumb, we are definitely about to get murdered"
  12. But we made it safely
  13. I bought a black cardigan, graphic tee, and paisley headband at the Jcrew outlet
  14. I remember @mhemann joking that "Banana Republic outlet is like Gap, Gap outlet is like Old Navy, and Old Navy outlet is like...Walmart"
  15. It was time to leave but we didn't know how to get back to the train station
  16. We looked through the phone book for a cab company, but couldn't find one
  17. So we WALKED ALONG THE RAILROAD TRACKS to get back to the station
  18. We knew we could never share this adventure in stupidity with anyone and rarely spoke about it after the fact
  19. Until now! Love ya, @mhemann!