out of many more
  1. this girl in my French immersion class
    oh my god. I can't stand it for one more second. I'm surprised I haven't gouged my eyes out yet, or hers. I genuinely feel bad for her because she's just that annoying
  2. when people interrupt me/people who can't be bothered to be interested in anything but their own boring lives
    like seriously, sometimes it does you good to listen to what others have to say. just don't interrupt me please thanks
  3. people who watch dr who or Sherlock
    please just don't even talk to me
  4. slow walkers
    ????? how do some people walk that slowly???
  5. those people who pretend to be stupid for attention, sympathy, attention, any other stupid reason ...
  6. when the guy I like doesn't like me back :D
    painful. especially when they say "you're a great friend, Alex"
  7. yay
  8. when people chew with their mouth open/when they make that chewing sound w their mouth
    honestly so gross. this is one that everyone should be annoyed and disgusted by.
  9. vegans
    need I say more
  10. when the person you're texting leaves right in the middle of the conversation (especially if it's actually an interesting conversation!) without a "gtg ttyl" or like an explanation or something!
    even if you're ignoring me, at least make up a lie like "I'm going into a movie theatre I'll text u later" if u have the time to ignore me then you should have time to send one text to "reassure" me ur not
  11. when I'm being rushed
    I'm not good w deadlines
  12. when people on my bus try to talk to me when I'm obviously listening to music!
    sometimes I pretend to be asleep so they'll get the hint
  13. those people who mix up the words "big" and "tall" when describing how I've gotten.
    "you're so big!" "you've gotten SO BIG Alexandra!!!" no, I haven't. I've gotten TALL. saying "you're so big" to a 14 year old girl isn't the smartest decision. get it right...
  14. people who put on facades
  15. when someone tells me to smile and then comments how yellow my teeth are
    okay so some people actually do this. it's pretty rude actually because like they say "Alex, smile!" and I'm thinking aw that's sweet they think my smile is pretty and then they look closely and say "your teeth are so yellow!!!" okay, rude. they're not even yellow.
  16. when people say "no no, I don't think so" when I tell them I'm a quarter white and half Indian
    yes people do this. and yes I know I look like the whitest person on the planet. one of those all American girls, I KNOW!!! but my mom is full Indian, my dad is half Egyptian (also hard to believe but true) and I'm 25% white! we all have very white looking faces that's just in our genes but that's my nationality!! and I know it!!!!
  17. when people say golf isn't a real sport
    it just makes you sound stupid. I don't even care about golf, like I don't enjoy it at all but when people say this or that it's only for old men, it just makes them sound ignorant..I don't even know why just when people say it im like okay u sound like a stupid person.
  18. when girls act up around guys
    and not just their crush, EVERY GUY!!!! one minute they're talking to me about how some guys try to be so funny and they're not, and the next minute we're with guys and she's laughing at everything they say...??? and it's not funny!!
  19. when skinny girls say they're fat
  20. when people repeat the same thing over and over again
  21. "Marina and the diamonds is my favorite band!! my favorite songs by them are primadonna girl and how to be a heartbreaker!!!!"
    by HER** not them, it's ONE PERSON! and of course those are your favorite songs by her if you think she's a band...
  22. nice guys who go out with mean girls
    it's a shame
  23. guys who think that because they're super hot they can be total jerks to everyone
    not gonna cut it. what's even the point?
  24. a girl with small boobs says her boobs are big
    don't lie about your boob size! I have moderately bigish boobs. and I actually do! (I was thinking about putting my bra size but then I thought maybe not on an app that people can follow me on. yes, you can follow me)
  25. a female with a large chest says she has small boobs
    I don't know why but this one also annoys me.
  26. waiting
    for anything
  27. when a certain friend of mine literally copies me with everything so much that it actually seems like she's trying to be me
  28. old people
    I know it's heartless! most people actually say they get annoyed with little kids but for me it's old people. they just walk too slowly and you know I don't like slow walkers and I know it's not their fault but it pisses me off and they act like they know everything and that others don't and sometimes they're close minded