Please note I have only been to four of these so I am still technically Not An Expert 😇
  1. One time I was so close I could see the individual hairs on each boy's head and the actual twinkle in Zayn's eye
  2. Screaming with 70,000 people is in itself a very beautiful and cathartic activity
  3. Now consider screaming with 70,000 people because something you love enough to scream about in private is happening live before all of your eyes
  4. Have you ever had the purely joyful experience of watching a pod of dolphins fucking around in the ocean for a few hours
  5. Same thing
  6. But these dolphins also play great pop music you're dancing to with your friends
  7. I love Harry Styles in a very non-casual non-sexual way and I could watch him clean a toilet with total enrapture so when this animal is stomping around a stage blowing spouts of water and hugging people I like #honestly want to die
  8. He is so beautiful
  9. You've never seen a more beautiful thing in your whole life
  10. A bunch of 14 year old girls with braces pass you some paper hearts you have to hold up during a particular song and the entire stadium does the same thing
  11. Surprise streamers during the most climactic part of your favourite song
  12. Do you ever get the feeling you are one with the entire universe and everything will be ok
  13. Fireworks