Back in town for the first time since moving.... And my list is almost all food. Go figure. In no particular order-
  1. Deep india
    Argue with me about another Indian place being better. Go ahead. I dare you.
  2. Skyline
    Small 3 way, two cheese coneys with mustard no onion. The true Skyline on Ludlow.
  3. Senate/ poutine
    Poutine. There is nothing but poutine.
  4. Rhinegeist rooftop
    The beer was always good, but now I DON'T have to be trapped inside with the sweaty corn hole bros?!
  5. Holtmans
    Anything. Everything.
  6. Victor
    It's the kind of label whose fit and finish I just want to touch in person. And now I can!
  7. Washington park
    Will the weather thwart this visit? I hope not. It's dreamy.
  8. Sotto
    Ricotta donuts.
  9. Collective espresso/ CAC
    The people. Oh I miss the people here! Love the OTR shop but the food at this one is bomb
  10. Findlay Market
    Really wish I could be grocery shooping here. But a waffle will do.