1. School Cafeteria Smell
  2. 'Chicken Patties'
  3. Sidewalk Worms After Rain
  4. Post-Shower Long-Strand Butt Hairs
  5. Wet Grass Stuck To Bare Feet
  6. Knee Sweat
  7. The Inner Workings Of The Human Knee
  8. Really Old Pictures of Children
    They're dead now
  9. The Ominous Pool Of Blood Left Behind By A Mouse We Nearly Trapped Last Winter
  10. The Fact That A Pool Of Mouse Blood Seems To Be The Best Way To Keep Other Mice Away
    We were mouse-free after that
  11. Squeaking Chalk
  12. Reading My Social Media Interactions That Are Over Five Years Old
    I was learning
  13. The voices of every character and/or background singer in Disney's Dumbo
    They're all dead now too
    Suggested by @dirtypigeon