What Shouldn't Happen in a Men's Bathroom

Based on real events.
  1. Line of 30+ urinals in an empty football stadium. The man who walks in chooses the urinal next to you. He turns to you and says: "how's your night so far"
    ... So far? 😳
  2. You open the door to a Starbucks bathroom. There's a man inside who didn't lock the door. "Oh I'm almost done. You can just wait in here. Close the door"
    ...can I at least leave it ajar? 😳😳
  3. The urinal is placed just next to the sink. As you wash your hands, the man peeing says "I haven't seen you here before"
    ... we're in a Safeway 😳😳😳
  4. A man and woman walk into the bathroom right after you. The man asks you "Are you gonna be long?"
  5. Anything that happens in a gas station restroom.