(Or all 46 followers of mine...)
  1. So I just found out I got into graduate school!
  2. Actually the best day ever
    I fiinnnaalllyyyy feel like I have direction in my life
  3. See ya, bakery where I work! 👋🏼
  4. I got into the 3 places I applied: Emory (in ATL), University of Maryland (in College Park, right outside of DC), and Columbia (in NYC)
  5. As a candidate for a Master of Public Health in epidemiology 🤓
  6. Basically I was wondering if any of you have insight into any of these schools/cities/master's program
    Minus Atlanta because FILA and I've been here for 14 years (...unless you know something obscure and awesome that I've been missing out on)
  7. This is a super huge, life changing decision for me and I feel like I would be happy at any of these places which makes it hard
  8. So if anyone has any experiences or opinions about these cities or schools or public health in general, I'd love to hear them
  9. And if you feel so inclined to help a sister out and are thinking of someone specific who would have some good info on this, you could even pass this along 😁
  11. Ok bye