I live the #GrungeLife. These are the greatest grunge LPs. They're sonic flannel.
  1. "Superfuzz Bigmuff" by Mudhoney
    The holy grail of grunge...
  2. "Bleach" by Nirvana
    Not their best LP (that would be "In Utero") but damn it's SO GRUNGY.
  3. "Temple of the Dog" by Temple of the Dog
    Soundgarden & Pearl Jam joining forces is like the Avengers of Grunge. "Hunger Strike" is the best grunge karaoke track btw.
  4. The "Singles" Soundtrack
    It's the grunge "Big Chill."
  5. "Live Through This" by Hole
    Kurt must've wished he could write lyrics as good as the ones on this record.
  6. "Dirt" by Alice in Chains
    You can't outgrunge "Rooster." It's the grungiest.
  7. "Superunknown" by Soundgarden
    "Spooooooonman! Come together with your hands." Ha ha so dumb & so grunge.
  8. "Houdini" by the Melvins
    Co-produced by Kurt. Heavy as fuck.
  9. "God's Balls" by TAD
    Vastly underrated band. I feel guilty this isn't higher.
  10. "Smell the Magic" by L7
    Donuts Sparks pulled out a tampon on stage at Reading & chucked in the audience. The ultimate act of grunge.
  11. "Vitalogy" by Pearl Jam
    "Not for You" is so grungy. But this dropped down a couple notches because "Better Man" is so weak.