1. The "I-was-late-to-board-so-my-carryon-is-at-the-very-back-of-the-plane-even-though-I-sat-in-front-and-now-everyone-needs-to-MOVE-and-WAIT-so-I-can-get-downstream-to-MY-bag" person.
    Also know as a "Me Monster"
  2. The person who reaches over you and into the overhead bin and has THE. WORST. B-O.
  3. The person who isn't paying attention.
  4. The person who instantly gets on their phone before the plane even lands and has an intimate yet LOUD conversation.
  5. The people who finally decide to talk to each other after having sat next to one another silently for 5 hours and hold everyone up while they exchange Instagram info and names.
  6. The person with the 5 kids. (Sorry.)
  7. The person who cuts from behind you when it's clearly your turn to exit.
  8. The checked-out person at the very front of the plane who is NEVER ready to exit...and surprised when they have to go first.
  9. The person in front of you who decides to re-pack their entire bag just before its your row's turn to exit.
  10. The person having a conversation with someone seven rows back and failing to see that it's their turn to exit.