And my favorite scene and the characters I identified with
  1. The Gallagher Girl Series
    A horribly written series about a secret boarding school for spies. Favorite scene: when Zach and Cammie hide in the fold up bed on the presidential train, only to discover Macey and Preston are hooking up. Characters I identified with: Bex and Macey
  2. Percy Jackson and the Olympians
    The most frustrating part about this series is that by book 5 Percy is 16 and still sounds like he's 12. Where are his hormones?? Favorite scene: when Rachel kisses Percy and Beckendorf is like "don't worry I don't tell Annabeth." Characters I identified with: Thalia and Selina
  3. Harry Potter
    Favorite scene: when Harry is like "Mrs. Weasley, you don't believe that rubbish Rita Skeeter writes in Witch Weekly? Because Hermione and I are not dating." Characters I identified with: Lily Potter and Hermione
  4. Hunger Games
    Favorite scene: when Joanna is like "you're not afraid of me, are you gorgeous?" And Gale looks at Katniss and says "terrified." Character I identified with: Effie