In chronological order. Inspired by @anniewatson
  1. New Year's Eve baby
    Pt. 1 she's beautiful so they gave her a rose
  2. Reaching for the chips and salsa
    Pt. 2 and sobering up with Mags coffee
  3. We put vodka in the smoothies
    Pt. 1 a pegame and a nutritious breakfast all in one
  4. Brought my own straw to the darty
    Pt. 2 day + party = darty
  5. Vodka for Giants
    Pt. 1 in Ibiza
  6. "What are you doing?"
    Pt. 2 I'm the paparazzi
  7. I asked for a bottle of wine
    Pt. 1 at ACL
  8. Up high at the Drake concert
    Pt. 2 uh uh think I need some robitussin
  9. Is that Zayn with my best friend?!
    Pt. 3 drunk in love
  10. Yes I do
    Sipping something pink and mysterious
  11. Post tequila shots with Z
    In Madrid