1. Lorena
    Nickname is Lore, the oldest, seems very proper but has the most tattoos, gets straight As, goes to medical school
  2. Andres
    Exterior douchebag with a heart of gold, plays tennis and lacrosse, secretly loves romantic comedy tv shows
  3. Mateo
    Nickname is Teo, middle child, always trying to be like his older brother, smokes weed and loves x men
  4. Nicolas
    Nickname is Nico, the youngest boy, friendly, likes to draw, obsessed with Harry Potter, probably bisexual
  5. Sofia
    The baby, is just like her father, will grow up to be very sexually active and go to the most prestigious college
  6. Bonus: Luna and Alastor
    a white ragdoll cat and a Siberian husky, respectively