A story with a happy ending
  1. Childhood
    The smell of cigarettes is strongly attached to my childhood memories at my grandparent's tennis club in Mexico City. I thought negatively of smoking then but the odor makes me nostalgic now.
  2. 16 pt. 1
    The summer of 2012 I do a program in New York where I take my first drag on the rooftop of my pretentious friend Cecilia's apartment on the Upper East Side. Her friend Saskia gives me tips on inhaling into just my mouth so I don't get lung cancer.
  3. 16 pt. 2
    I show up at a playground in Riverside Park to meet the guy I'd been flirting with the entire program only to find he's already with the hot Parisian sisters. My Saskia mouth method gets ridiculed. "Inhale!" They instruct me. He whispers to me that he had a threesome with the sisters.
  4. 16 pt. 3
    I do a depressing trimester abroad in northern Spain. Rain and smoking become daily occurrences. Blue camels. When I land in New York I throw away the pack.
  5. Senior Year
    I occasionally smoke behind the church in town with my friend Katie until we get caught drinking and I throw away all my paraphernalia: Marlbolos, lighters, e-cigs, vodka in a water bottle.
  6. College pt. 1
    Almost all my best friends smoke and I usually have a pack of cigarettes but it mostly goes untouched. I discover menthols, but I give them away.
  7. College pt. 2
    I buy a bowl and an 8th and smoking gets a whole new definition for me. I am forever changed.