Oh the shame
  1. An anime themed hotel ?
    That I drunkenly paid for
  2. A bedroom that was actually a living room with a curtain dividing it from his roommate
    an elderly Japanese women
  3. My best friend's bed
    With her permission and my reluctance and guilt
  4. A bottom bunkbed in Michigan
    where I secretly took a plane to without my parents knowledge my freshman year of college
  5. A shower in a suite at the Mayflower in London
    After having puked ...a lot
  6. On two single beds pushed together in a dorm room when her roommate was out of town
    All three of us kept falling through the middle
  7. On the Amtrak train to New Haven in the bathroom
  8. In the bathroom of an air bnb on the Lower East Side
    with some very fluorescent lights on and several people sleeping in the living room outside
  9. In a treehouse on New Years
    If oral counts
  10. On a slope in a forest-y area behind the Arts Building
    In high school, also just oral
  11. In the basement of a chapel
    Which was a black box theater, on the stage and backstage
  12. On the rooftop of a church
    Lots of gravel, same guy as above: "Alexa, I'm Catholic"