When O2 tries to charge you £5 a day for Internet, sometimes you and bae can feel really distant from each other throughout the day. So live vicariously with me in my NYC and Washington adventure until we can do this all together...
  1. 4:32pm Just seen a massive fifth avenue firm called Foster and Partners
    Aka future name of 'ward and partners'
  2. Pret a manger is everywhere here?!
    Who knew that had hit America
  3. Where are you California pizza kitchen
    I'm so excited, my heart is racing
  5. Ordered the BBQ chicken with added pineapple and a cranberry fizzy drink
    Very happy with these choices
  6. It's here and it looks glorious
    Insert picture of snapchat that I sent you
  8. Been informed it is coriander
    I'll be staying away from that, add it to the hate list with cucumbers and mushrooms
  9. After picking off the coriander, the pizza was so good
  10. It's rained and cleared up the air and it's so much nicer now, cool and crisp but still warm out
    Going to walk back to the hotel and burn off this pizza
  11. Why are you not here
    Just feel like we should be here together. Every few steps I'm like ooh ok nick would like that, or that reminds me of something me and nick did etc. Really miss you mate
  12. Ok controversial thought coming...
    Prepare yourself...
  13. I'm not sure I would want to live in New York more than London
    Maybe I'm just tired but it's so busy and so so loud, sirens and beeping horns every few seconds, it's a bit unrelenting
  14. Saw like 4 amazing coffee shops in a row
    Maybe I could live here
  15. Just seen a Brandy Melville!
    I'm going back tomorrow. There's an anthropologie store and Madewell, and American eagle I will be drooling over
  16. Back at the hotel
    Tomorrow I'll hopefully take some photos of the hotel properly but mate you would love this place so so much, it's so beautiful
  17. Bit too tired to even go out for a drink so we're going back to the room
    Because obviously we're desperate to see the Republican National Convention on TV
  18. My only freedom is a shower to get away from family in this room
    It's blissful hahah
  19. Feeling weird and too tired really
    I'm in the room right now watching the republican national convention live and it's genuinely depressing me, I hate this world and some of the people in it
  20. Definitely need to sleep
    Long day but it's been good, family are getting on my wick a little but it's not that bad
  21. I'm going to bed baby (time; 8:48pm)
  22. Miss you terribly and I'll chat to you as much as I can tomorrow
    Sleep in and relax and tell me about how the game goes and which one you buy! Hope training and haircut is good 😘 love you mate
  23. Bye Ted ❤️❤️❤️