Recently, I was recommended to watch the award winning (probably) American tv drama Friday Night Lights, largely out of a mid exams slump and a need for a revitalised source of tv drama. Earlier today I watched the pilot, and damn, did I enjoy myself. So having watched the first episode (and about 5 minutes of the second), here are my predictions
  1. Riggens will have a heart breaking backstory
    Just look at that brooding face hiding underneath that desperately 2002 haircut. Definitely a tortured soul who will have a tear jerking backstory. Will probably end up a character at peace. Maybe finds a girl
  2. Riggens and blonde girl will be over asap
    A slut and a tortured soul just never work out
  3. Paralysed guy will remain paralysed
    Ain't no praying going to help you ok Texas
  4. Saracen and Coachs daughter will go out
    Both so sweet. Both so innocent. He's got a cute grandma and she reads Moby Dick. Obviously a great match. Will probably cause big issues between coach and his quarterback
  5. Coachs wife will end up feeling at home in Texas
    She might not like it now but it'll mean a lot to her husband and daughter, and she'll be a part of the community
  6. Lyla and Jason will be over soon
    As much as I hate to say it, I don't think lyla will be able to deal with it. Harsh but true. Prove me wrong lyla
  7. Slash and blonde girl
    Could be a great couple! Despite the name Slash, he sounds like a sweet heart and could definitely be good for her. Need to learn blonde girls name. NB: have just been informed his name is in fact Smash. Doesn't make him sound any better.
  8. Lyla will rock some cowboy boots
    Just a wild guess