Things that made me happy this week
  1. Finishing my TTH exam and now only having one exam left
  2. Doing reading that was actually interesting for a change
    And making me realise how much I'm going to love History next year
  3. Starting Friday Night Lights
    I'm obsessed (please refer to my other list for more details)
  4. Booking my hair appointment
    Dear Lord, please let me come out of my hair appointment with beautiful glowing locks. Amen.
  5. Being able to check in to our flights to Rome
    4 weeks and counting 🇮🇹
  6. Realising after coming along way in first year I'm ending it feeling so happy
    Hands down hardest thing I've ever done is coming to uni and staying here. Part of me never thought I could be happy here. Now I'm so happy to come home, but I'll be able to look back on first year with happy memories and that means so much to me
  7. Solo coffee trips
    My alone time with music, bus, window shopping and coffee. An hour of bliss
  8. Having a Hazarh! Moment
    When you find that perfect app ❤️
  9. Good pancakes and a flat white
  10. Spending too much money
    Sometimes you need to treat yo self
  11. My no.1
    Phone calls, facetimes, driving 9 hours to see me on his day off, being uncomfortable in the night because I fidget in a single bed but not even complaining, comforting me when I need it, giving me all the love and support in the world. words can't express how much he means to me and how everything he does every day makes me happy