SPOILER ALERT - Don't read this list if you haven't seen the new Star Wars.
  1. He's alive - much like the scene in Empire Strikes Back where Luke defies Vader, decides to let go and gets sucked into the chute - he got sucked into something, is tended to and will return
  2. Han - having recently acknowledged the power of the force and its reality - becomes a spirit much like Obi Wan and the other Jedi's and helps when needed in holographic form
  3. Han and Leia are Rey's parents as well as Kylo Ren's. Rey and Kylo are brother and sister and she is going to redeem the Solo lineage.
  4. Han Solo is inside Michigan State's Sparty mascot and he will be revealed to be alive tonight when they beat Alabama.
  5. He's just dead exactly as it was portrayed. It was the most romantic thing that took place in the new film. We love him even more now that he's gone