That I've had
  1. The babysitters club: A nonprofit that links college students studying child development + families who can't afford child care
  2. Ride: An app that aggregates Uber, Lyft, Gett, etc data to find you the cheapest ride.
  3. Bartr: Connect with people in your community to trade goods and services
  4. Baby Bartr: a platform for parents to trade gently used baby goods they no longer need in exchange for something they do!
  5. Dollar Hollar: Get paid to write real reviews! (This was gonna be like an exclusive Yelp)
  6. TunedIn: Pay for people to manage your online presence (primarily for old people who don't know how to do social media)
  7. A platform to access your friend's mailing addresses (I am looking for technical co-founder)
  8. Text alerts for flash sales/deals in your 'hood. Like, for the next 15 minutes go to Birch coffee and get a free coffee when you take an Instagram! (No name yet)