Sometimes you get scared and sometimes it doesn't make sense.
  1. Eyelash Curlers
    In theory they make sense, but what happens when your mascara dries on you and all of a sudden perfect eye lashes turn into no eye lashes? Yeah, now you're scared too.
  2. Filling Up My Car With Gas
    This is no ordinary task for me. It takes a lot of courage and bravery to do so and often times my gas tank will be empty, not because I don't have the money to fill it up but because of the fear I have to overcome every single time I do. There's a specific moment after filling up my tank when I'm sitting in my car getting ready to turn the key to get the engine going. Right before I turn the key, I close my eyes and hold my breath because I picture my car blowing up right when I turn the key.
  3. The Beat Drop
    In many songs, there's a moment when the beat builds and builds and builds...until it finally drops. Just like the gas tank, I associate that drop with a bomb and often times you will find me changing the song before this can happen to me.
  4. Natural Disaster
    You might be thinking to yourself, "this one makes sense". And it does. Especially in a porta potty. That would be the worst place for this to happen. It would be really "shitty".
  5. Spider Attack
    Be careful. If you kill a spider, his friends might be watching and all come attack you out of revenge. It's not that irrational.