I would like to blame our "beat-around-the-bush" society but I think it really comes down to my lack of social skills and oblivious personality.
  1. The Spaghetti Date
    I thought I was just doing homework with a friend when out of nowhere comes the spaghetti, the wine and a movie. I bet you were confused when I came over with my backpack on and even more confused when I pulled out my laptop during the movie.
  2. The Ice Cream Date
    Your girl loves ice cream. How was I supposed to know that you were gonna pay and then ask to take me to dinner? IT WAS JUST ICE CREAM!
  3. The Music Date
    I thought we were getting together to casually play some music especially since you have been my barista (and only my barista) for the past 3 months. But apparently if you serenade me, that means I have to kiss you.
  4. The Movie Date
    You were really confused when I showed up with my best friend but I was really confused when you started holding my hand.
  5. The Netflix and Chill Date
    I should have caught on to this one. I expected Netflix but you expected chill. You should have been more clear and we never would have been in this awkward situation.