7 things I could only commit to for 7 days
  1. Clean eating
    It sounds like a good idea until your stomach growls in class and all you can think about is how that spinach salad you brought for lunch will never satisfy the monster you've created inside you
  2. The Rubix Cube
    Once you learn to solve it, you can only impress someone with it once. No one wants to sit there and watch you solve it over and over again. Trust me, I've learned from experience.
  3. Instagram
    I'm currently managing 4 Instagram accounts that all have about 10 photos each because I lost interest that quick. And let me tell you, that's a lot of fake emails to create too.
  4. Longboarding
    I dropped $150 on a longboard that I just HAD to have but hardly know how to ride. After about 7 days I learned it wasn't good for my health so now it now lies under my bed and is pulled out occasionally for me to take pictures with so people still think I'm edgy and cool.
  5. Goats
    I once saw a goat that brought happiness to my heart and after that I decided goats were my passion. For an entire week, the only thing I would talk about, post about or smile about would be goats. The obsession passed and to this day I'm still getting tagged in every goat photo and video ever posted and that goat calendar I bought still stares me in the eyes as I try to fall asleep at night.
  6. Coloring
    It sounds like a relaxing hobby until a week later you realize you have colored 50 pictures and now own 10 coloring books that you will never touch again because your hand still cramps up even thinking about coloring.
  7. Fun Socks
    One time I dropped $70 on 4 pairs of socks because they were everything I ever wanted. They were the perfect combination of wolves, pretty patterns and sass. They all now have holes in them and sit in the bottom of my drawer because I don't have the heart to throw them away.