Oh where to begin
  1. When he was in Annie Hall for 3 seconds
    I mean LOOK AT HIM
  2. When he played this hipster cutie in The Big Chill
    He didn't even get laid that night. It makes no sense.
  3. When he did all this weird shit. I gladly would've had his Fly baby. Geena fucked up. What's one fly baby if it has Jeff's genes? No big deal.
  4. When he transformed from an alien to THIS human in Earth Girls Are Easy
  5. When I longed to tend to his wounds. Poor Jeff 💔
  6. When he takes control of interviews with his quirk and there are almost no questions asked or answered
    And yes, in his early 60's he still has it. DON'T DENY IT.
  7. Yes Jeff, yes you are.