Reasons I Can't Sleep

Aside from not getting enough exercise this week...
  1. Is it really is okay for me to sub for my husband as an usher at church this weekend when I don't even take communion? Or will it be an irreperable faux pas?
  2. Does the teen librarian think that last week's low attendence at the new Maker Club is a sign that it won't work? But really, we didn't promote it at all - we really should promote the heck out of that. But is late May really the best time to be launching a Maker Club?
  3. Damn it, I should NOT have read forward in my book last night and found out that one of the main characters dies. Maybe she survives? Probably not. STUPID ALEX. Now I'm all verklempt.
  4. Birds, birds, birds. Yeesh, birds, talk about 0 Dark 30.
  5. I need to write that letter to Dave Johnston in North Reading, for real finally, about the metal shavings from his lathe. He's going to think I'm totally blowing him off, especially after I didn't visit his shop after my visit with my brother.
  6. That fight / non-fight I had with my brother...
  7. Is there some way to coordinate riding my bike to work today? Is it going to rain? Do I have time?
  8. Should I just give up and go for a walk at 5am?
  9. Song lyrics
  10. Wait, no, that video really shouldn't go on the page menu, i should have put it on the sidebar instead.