Some of my friend Greg's Library cartoons

Greg is a super talented artist who also happens to work at the Library, and creates these funny bits of library humor
  1. If you haven't read Bad Kitty, you really should.
    I can just about image the real Bad Kitty growing up and ending up as a hired assassin.
  2. Bad, bad literary pun.
  3. What if Mark Watney had overdue library books?
    This was from last year, when The Martian movie came out.
  4. This is an in-joke
    It's probably much funnier to someone who has seen the huge pallet of boxes seem to move across the garage under its own power...
  5. Greg himself makes a good literary pun.
  6. Sung to the tune of the "Charles in Charge" theme song
    This one is actually by John, not Greg. John is also an excellent cartoonist, but he spends most of his time at another branch. Norma is about 5 feet tall, and could unsink the Titanic. You definitely want Norma in charge of circulation on Sunday nights. I love this one so much that I keep it at my desk.