Things I can now afford, which I couldn't imagine spending money on 10 years ago

Being middle class and middle age is a total cliche, but it has brought a sense of financial safety for which I am intensely grateful.
  1. Paying someone else to do my laundry
    We still live in a third floor walkup with no laundry, so coin-op is my usual route, but occasionally I also take 25lbs of dirty stuff to Mr. Bubbles and let someone else lighten my load.
  2. A gym membership
    Or rather, a workout class plan. I try to do the bulk purchasing so i save money in the end, but even having enough money to buy in bulk would have been unthinkable 10 years ago.
  3. Coffee for my younger coworkers
    I remember far too well those days when I had to turn down coffee with friends because I simply didn't have the room in my budget.
  4. Groceries that aren't store brand or on sale
    Okay, I still usually buy the stuff on sale and i always buy store brand milk. But it's more out of habit than because I absolutely have to. There's real freedom in that.