Hollywood Men I'd Throw My Husband Over For.

The chances of this is 100% unlikely....But just in case. Got my list together in case a meeting with these dashing men!
  1. Johnny Depp
    He was my first celebrity crush at the tween age of 10. Still is. Quirky is good. Hot quirky is better.
  2. Kevin Costner
    Another discovered during puberty. This guy just keeps getting better with age. For real. Favorite is Draft Day. Hate football but watched for him.
  3. Hugh Jackman
    He's Wolverine for chrissake! And that sexy Aussie accent does it too.
  4. Gerard Butler
    Manly. Check. Rugged. Check. Built. Check. Scottish accent. Check. And friggin' hot as Hell.
  5. Richard Armitage
    Tall, dark, handsome, deep voice. And an English accent I could listen all day to. Read me the phone book. I don't care.
  6. George Clooney
    No explanation needed.