I recently purchased a medium format camera. I was intrigued by the format but never saw myself shooting with these type of cameras. However I have been wanting to print larger, therefore I needed a bigger negative. After searching online, reading reviews, and messaging a ton of eBay users I found a camera that fit my style and budget.
  1. I present to you the Fujifilm gs645s: the camera has a fixed 60mm lens which is equivalent to around 35-40 in 35mm format. It has a rangefinder focusing system. Two factors that are ideal for streets photography. While the negative isn't the size I wanted it to be, the camera is very affordable.
  2. After shooting in a new format, I had to paid for my mistakes. These mistakes included, learning the rangefinder focusing system, remembering to take the lens cap off, and understanding how to use the light meter. The negative size gives me 15 shots per roll, as you can see I missed many due to improper exposures.
  3. After developing my roll and scanning negatives I was impressed by the quality of scans. With 35mm scans I feel sometimes the images are too grainy and the scan deteriorates the quality of negative. However 120 film has the proper balance I was looking for.
  4. When scanning I have to be more cautious with negatives, I need to use glove or else my fingerprints will appear in scan. These mistakes are more forgiving in 35 format.
  5. I intend to shoot color primarily and continue B/W in 35mm, however I had access to the school lab and took the opportunity to self-develop.
  6. The camera is designed to shoot in portrait mode (app only allows square formats) which could be useful for the new Instagram portrait mode that I really enjoy. However, I rarely post my film work. I believe my film work should be seen in print.
  7. Overall I was really impressed by the quality and sharpness of lens. After understanding how the camera works, I only see the potential for my work and how the camera will impact my style.