Some movies are worth watching in theaters as the experience is truly memorable. I will never forget seeing the dark knight in theaters and the suspense the theater felt when the joker escaped, the entire audience was glued to the screen. 2015 looks like a promising year for movies. Here are some movies I want to watch at the theater.
  1. Star Wars: the forces awakens. Do I really have to explain this?
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  2. The hateful eight. From the trailer it looks like a classic Tarantino movie with Samuel L Jackson screaming more profanities than ever.
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  3. Beast of no nation. I know it released on Netflix but I want to see if a Netflix produced film can translate to a big screen, if it does this could be a game changer.
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  4. Jobs. Danny Boyle directing Aaron sorkin writing with Michael Fassbender, where do I sign up to be part of an awesome cast?
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  5. Sicario. Benicio del toro is one of my favorite actors especially when you can't tell if he is a good guy or bad. He does a very good job of convincing you the bad guys are actually good. Also roger deakins cinematography for the win.
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  6. Bridge of spies. Spielberg, Hanks, and Coen brothers set in a historical timepiece which the academy will just drool over. It's worked before, I'm down to watch it.
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  7. Send me suggestions I haven't been keeping up with new releases! I'm probably missing something.