Most Annoying Golfers

  1. The Guy who hits a bad shot and then reams you out for talking while he was in his preshot routine. I wasn't talking when you hit the ball lighten up.
  2. The Guy who hits a bad shot that turns out okay but is still mad because he didn't hit it perfectly
  3. The Guy who demands perfect silence when hitting a shot when they are just playing with their friends and not in a tournament. Relax will ya!
  4. The Golfer who reams you out on the course when your intentions are not bad. You never forget someone who gets mad at you on the course. Keep your mouth shut.
  5. The Guy who takes it upon himself to tell everyone to speed up play when everyone is playing as quick as they can. You are not my parent or my boss.
  6. Guys who refuse to wear sunglasses on the course because golf pros don't. Don't they realize all that sun is wrecking their eyes?