I pick at failed date social media profiles like one would pick at a scab that should just be left alone. This is one of my faults that I need to work on because it probably didn't work out for a reason and seeking out this shit never makes me feel better. 😤😒☝🏽️
  1. Let's rewind to December: I bumble match with (let's call him) Rick. Super nice and so easy to converse with. We find out we have a ton in common and he tells me he plays in a rec hockey league and he wants to teach me how to ice skate. A lot more happens but this is the important part.
  2. I'm super uncoordinated and have never been able to ice skate in the past when I've attempted but I'm like so excited because usually Bumble/Tinder dates are like "let's go get a drink/watch a movie/get coffee/go for a walk/etc) and this is such a nice gesture and shows he's patient and comes up with creative date ideas.
  3. We make plans for a Friday night but I double booked myself and forgot I had to babysit so I had to cancel on him. He was really understanding and said if I got done on time he'd still like to meet up for a drink and we could skate the next day but it ended up being too late.
  4. The next weekend I had to go home to work my seasonal job but promised him we'd hang out when I got back.
  5. We went for a drink at a cute little bar conveniently located right around the corner from his apartment (😒 this is where I should have been paying attention)
  6. We each have a drink and talk for about two hours and he asks if I'd like to stay for another drink or go back to his place for one because his roommate and his girlfriend are there and I could meet them. (Naive, trusting me is like yay new friends and maybe a new boyfriend let's go!)
  7. So we walk to his place and his apartment is really cool and it turns out just the roommate is home. We all chat for a while and the roommate goes to bed.
  8. Rick turns on hockey and encourages me to try out his bean bag chair located between two couches (in his defense it was really fluffy and huge and unlike anything I had seen before) so I jump on that then he jumps on after me)
  9. We watch about two minutes of hockey and he starts making out with me. Normally I'm not so quick to this but he was very good at he was doing and I'm only human 💁🏽
  10. After about ten minutes he breaks and asks me what I'm looking for. I stutter like anyone caught off guard with that question and because I honestly don't know and say that I'm not really sure and I'd like to keep an open mind and see where things go but I'm not ruling out anything serious. It definitely didn't come out that smoothly though.
  11. He tells me he's fresh out of a four year relationship and not looking to get serious because he wants to date all types of people. Whatever. I think that's all bullshit and you can't really go out planning for serious or not serious or help how you feel but what do I know.
  12. We continue the whole making out thing until I'm like okay time to go home and he's like oh I thought you'd spend the night and I was like oh no. And he's like well if you're not trying to be serious what's wrong with spending the night and I'm like just no it's not as simple as that.
  13. He tried to flirt and argue about it likes he kidding and I get annoyed and get my stuff around. He kisses me at the door and describes how to get it of his building. The douche bag didn't even offer to walk me to my car half a mile away. I'm independent and don't need to be looked after but I was in the city and its a nice gesture.
  14. He texts me later to apologize and I ignore it until morning. Then he brings up ice skating for the following weekend. I agree to go and hardly here from him.
  15. Three days later I sent him a message about skating and he tells me "hey I just don't think we're looking for the same things I'm really sorry it didn't work out because you seem like a great girl"
  16. 1. I am a great girl so well spotted. 2. This is such an annoying thing to tell girls when you end things no matter what stage you're in. I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks this.
  17. I weirdly cry about this even though it was one date and chalk it up to pms
    But really I think I have this fear in the back of my mind especially with dating app dating that I don't meet expectations going frkm online to in person. And really this is such a silly thing to worry about and probably a worry of many people. It's something I'm slowly overcoming.
  18. Fast forward to today, I creep on his Facebook and see he's been dating someone since February 😤
    Good for them, must be something changed his mind about the whole seriousness thing I guess.
  19. Now that I'm nearing the end of this I realize there wasn't a reason to really write it in the first place. Maybe I just needed to vent. And if you read this far, bless you ❤️
  20. There really isn't a moral to this for a mass audience I don't think, let me know if you think otherwise
  21. The moral for myself was stop settling just to have and want a relationship when it's with someone not worth it.
  22. That guy couldn't even bother to walk me to my car. He probably decided against it when I didn't sleep with him on the first date. He didn't text me because he was sorry he texted me because he wanted to try and sleep with me again.
  23. I'm by no means against sex on the first date. If you're feeling it go for it. I'd like to think this particular instance was the universe telling me it wasn't right.
  24. Don't settle with any kind of dating.
  25. Don't be misleading about your intentions
    I'm not saying you can't teach your friends with benefits or just friend to ice skate but don't act all chivalrous and cute and creative with date ideas then act completely thrown when someone is caught off guard when you say you don't want something serious. Say that you're looking to casually date or hook up from the start, people will respect you more for your honesty.
  26. Be wary of guys that pick bars close to their houses unless that's what you want.
  27. Walk someone to their car. Friend, family, significant other, whatever, it's the nice thing to do.
  28. And don't give up hope trying to find your fish in this big confusing sea.