All about the feels today

This list is brought to you by feelings, recent reflections and one of the first lists I read on this gem of an app by the lovely @brightlyanna Here's hers you should check it out TED TALKS I FEEL QUALIFIED TO GIVE
  1. I definitely related to her first point, I think a lot of us can.
  2. But the second one is what really struck a cord with me and it's one of those things I've been telling myself lately. It's not really positive or negative, you can take it anyway, it just depends on the day I think.
  3. "Some people really do a number on you"
    It doesn't matter the duration of whatever it was, how long ago it was, or what your circumstances are now. Sometimes you're just hit with emotions and you have to feel them to get whenever you're going even if it isn't necessarily past it right away.
  4. So here's a shoutout to T. Swift for her songs because there's always one to relate to and to @brightlyanna because your list is still making me think like 3 months later.