Long/bad day yesterday. Left me with a bitching headache before bed.
  1. One of those nights where your eyes are closed but you don't actually feel like you've slept.
  2. So yesterday's bad mood carried into today.
  3. Woke up and checked timehop. They have a new video feature where they play music that came out on this day years ago.
  4. Today's was Bad Day by Daniel Powter.
  5. So that really set the tone.
  6. I was late to my nanny job.
  7. The kids are miserable too, prob feeding off my bad vibes.
  8. I've had a huge eye lash stuck in my eye since I woke up.
  9. I feel like that's the universe telling me to cry to get it out of there and to get out of this rut.
  10. But the kids are super clingy today.
  11. And I'm ready to snap at the drop of a hat.
  12. I need my bed and blackout curtains and to wake up on the right side of today.
  13. I really don't even know what's causing the bad mood.
  14. Just kidding I think it's a combination of like 8 different factors. Maybe more on that later.
  15. End of rant.