I live in the gorgeous Upstate NY area near the Finger Lakes. This is like prime location for northern wine country. They're open year round and there really isn't a bad time to go although fall is my favorite! Seriously, comment and I'll recommend one to you. They're such a fun time.
  1. God, why don't these places have drive thrus?
    This wine slushie may be the best thing I've ever had. And this cheese?! Can I do just a cheese tasting? No? Okay. My drive home from college took me all along the wineries of Seneca lake between Geneva and Watkins glen NY. Sometimes coffee just didn't do it and is often day dream of a wine slushie in hand, made easier via drive thru. Then I thought harder and realized what an eejit I am. Drinking and driving is no Bueno. Stay smart kids.
  2. What a great place for a baby shower!
    This got me glares from an array of wine tour customers and sales people. I later revised my statement to a bridal shower or bachelorette party. Although the latter would be a little tame for me. Baby showers can be a little dull, that's all. I know I'm not the only one who gets a little suicidal during the stupid games, especially bingo. My cousin even had the audacity to serve non alcoholic beer at hers. 1. Waste of time and taste buds. 2. you made this choice don't punish the rest of us.
  3. Wine league sports.
    I. Love. Beer. But sometimes I don't hate the idea of a wine kickball league. Although more than three glasses and I'd probably fall asleep while fielding.