Children's Shows I Irrationally Hate

I've worked as a camp counselor, done my fair share of babysitting and currently work as a full time nanny. Here are my deal breaker shows that I cannot handle.
  1. Caliou
    This kid is always causing trouble and in my experience if your kid watches it and enjoys it, he or she probably acts like an asshole just like Caliou does. He reinforces more negative behavior than positive and there's really no good takeaway from your kids watching it.
  2. Bo on the Go
    One of the kids I babysit loved this and it drove me insane. The episodes are the same every time with this stupid little song the girl sings about getting up and moving around with her but I've never actually seen a kid do this they'd rather watch it and annoy the adults in the room. The father of the boy went on to block this show because it was so annoying 😂
  3. Lazy Town
    I don't understand the premise of this show. Very blurred line of what is animated or a real person. The girl with pink hair is tolerable everyone else creeps me out and gives me nightmares at the old age of 22.
  4. Max and Ruby
    Ruby should be nominated for God damn sainthood, Max is always going around ruining the day while she cleans up his messes. Maybe this is an only child thing on my part but this show gives me anxiety because Ruby can never catch a break
  5. Curious George
    The noises George makes are so irritating to me. Another show where he causes destructive behavior and your kids imitate it and piss you off. If I were the man in a yellow hat, I'd drop George where he belongs, at the damn zoo.
  6. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
    Every voice for every character on this show puts me in a bad mood. I can't even bitch about the plot or anything else bc I can't get past their voices.
  7. Thomas the Train
    Seems like a dark show to me. Most of the trains seem pissed off or frustrated, which I also am having to watch it, overall negative environment for kids.