1. Beer advent calendar
    I once made a guy that I liked an updated version of a childhood advent calendar. Usually filled with candy, mine was filled with 25 different kinds of 40 oz beers and obviously the box was super cute yet manly because I don't mess around when it comes to Pinterest crafts.
  2. He bought me 2 Bob Dylan cd's and Springsteen's The Rising album (a classic and still very much listened to).
    I openly didn't like Bob Dylan at the time and we openly debated this all the time. I can now appreciate his song writing and enjoy some songs but don't care for his voice much.
  3. This was a present I wasn't expecting in a way because it showed me the type of person he was. Unfortunately I wouldn't realize this until years and wasted time later.
    It's good to share things you love with someone and have reasons behind doing so but you shouldn't try to change someone to mold to you. I was guilty of this once too and now I know to appreciate people for who they already are.
  4. An emotional picture slide show accompanied by a Taylor Swift song
    One year when I was broke I made my mom a slide show of the few pictures we have together and added the song The Best Day by Taylor Swift to it. Look up the song if you haven't before, it'll make you want to call your mom.
  5. She cried and I cried and it was the true proof that money can't buy happiness and that material things aren't everything.