1. Spam accounts
    I don't know why all of a sudden porn stars, random naked people and people who post cliche quotes made in Microsoft paint are following me but it's like 2 a day and it's weird. I have like an average amount of followers made of up of friends family and dogs who I also follow and this is bringing a whole new weird mix 🙅🏽
  2. Shady guys in the following feed
    I get it, you like looking at naked women/men, you don't want to be hassled with searching the accounts so you follow them, fine. But do you really need to like all of the pictures? Maybe mentally like them like a mental pat on the back. I don't need to see that.
  3. ItWorks people
    I'll probably do a separate post on this at some point. I don't pretend to know a lot about nutrition or fitness but it seems to me that the creators of this whole thing profit off of getting people to believe they have good intentions and then those sales people go on to find people susceptible to believing it. I think there's many ways to get fit but wrapping your stomach in plastic wrap isn't one of them and I get super annoying when these accounts follow for you to follow them back.
  4. Unfollowgram
    This is more an issue with myself than the app, but someone designed this website where you can see who unfollows you and I don't always have the self control not to check this when I notice something is amiss. So yeah cute guy from bumble two months ago I see you doing that...
  5. Video views feature
    My creeping is now ruined. I accidentally clicked a video on an account I don't follow and I guess it tracks that now. If this feature transfers over to pictures too I'm 110% done Instagram.