... In which I play a vital role in another couples love story. And no this isn't one of those instances where people are looking for a third. My own favorite tinder story that involved me personally has just come to its end so this one is sliding into first place.
  1. We'll call this guy Taylor
    Taylor and I matched while I was vacationing in South Carolina for our annual Christmas trip. He opened with a dirty message which I quickly admonished because it was Christmas Eve damn it! He apologized and told me it was just to capture my attention and he also told me he shared my love for hockey and labatt blue. Taylor was leaving for a family cruise but said he enjoyed talking to me and asked for my number.
  2. Why would you give your number to someone you have no chance of seeing after vacation Ali?
    I know, I know. But I go there a lot. And I'm moving there in May so I'm subconsciously/consciously trying to rack up friends/potential love interests. Taylor and I chatted while he was on his cruise. He was a little prettier than what I'm usually drawn to but he was funny and easy to talk to. His one slight downfall was how he was so into his own appearance. I soon learned this was because he just lost a significant amount of weight and he never wanted to go back.
  3. I creep on Instagram way too hard
    I noticed his physical changes on Instagram and he really had worked hard and I could see why he wanted to keep the motivation. I've always been able to get a good read on people and sensed that he hasn't always been this vain. I also noticed via Instagram that before and during his transformation, most of his pictures were paired with a very pretty blond, he later mentioned that they were no longer together.
  4. Open bars and family Christmas parties lead to truth telling extravaganzas
    One night Taylor was super hammered at the cruise casino and I was also quite tipsy from the wine I drank to deal with my conservative republican family. He opened up about the relationship with the blond regretting how he had treated her because she had loved him no matter how he looked and still tried to love him even when his attitude changed. See I knew there was more to this individual!
  5. A love reunited
    Taylor also shed some light on one of my past relationships and it was advice I still value today (more on that later, this is Taylor's story after all). But by the end of the night we worked out what he would say and how he could use this opportunity to grow as a person and win her back.
  6. And they lived happily ever after
    I guess? It seems, from his Instagram, that whatever he said worked and they're now back together, making things work long distance. I hope it works out for them and that he appreciates her more and she appreciates his 6 pack and growth as a person.
  7. Morals of the story
    Match with me on tinder so I can reunite you with one of your past loves. Just kidding. I think that it's to accept you can grow and change but you don't have to mistreat or shut out those around you. Maybe when he changed he thought he could do better or maybe he didn't want her to want him for the wrong reasons. He never really said. This is me just trying to understand human nature. Realizing your mistakes and talking things out can do wonders in any kind of relationship.