My Superpowers

Inspired by @e
  1. Gut feelings
    I know we all have our sixth sense and maybe most people are like this but when I get a feeling before something especially if it's bad vibe, I'm right 95% of the time. This has been on point before dates, college classes and some meeting new people moments.
  2. Social media creeping
    If you've got one I'll find ya
  3. Coming up with excuses for why I'm late
    I blame my almost English degree, always having my nose in a book, and wild imagination for these plot twists
  4. Dogs love me. Always. Like there hasn't been one who hasn't. They flock to me at parties and we all usually go off on our own
  5. Being a good listener
    If anyone ever needs my advice or just to chat, hit me up
  6. Sneaking in a nap
    All throughout high school I'd lie and say I was studying for the SAT's and say I needed quiet. In reality I'd ptfo. Still did ok on the test.
  7. Being extra kind to waiters/retail/etc
    I know how it feels. Spread the kindness people