Reasons Why I Love Libby

We met my freshman year of college. As a sophomore, her and her friends took me under their wing and made me feel at home. Lib quickly became my favorite person because we shared nocturnal tendencies and I would make her food while she stayed up to 3 am watching Friends with me. I know no matter where we go, we'll always stay friends. @libby92
  1. She always helps me
    She always helps me out of tight situations. This is literally depicted as she helps me out of boots I insisted weren't too small. They were. We both worked up a sweat for this one. Phew.
  2. She is an amateur photoshop wizard. You might have thought Dana scully and Fox Mulder were the real dream team but it's really Liz and Fox as proved in his photo. Who wouldn't want to cradle David Duchovny like that, am I right?
  3. We always know when the other needs a good FaceTime session. Also featuring the greatest sports mascot ever, sabre tooth of the Buffalo Sabres, in pillowpet form.
  4. She took me to meet her family and to this awesome place, Snyder Beach, Lake Erie, Buffalo NY. She found me sea glass and only laughed a little when I cut my hand open on a rock. ❤️
  5. She saw into the future and photoshopped my wedding day where I guess I'll be wearing my senior year prom dress.
  6. She is a thoughtful person and gift giver. Here she works with Alan, the fishing expert in Field and Stream to pick out fishing lures for her uncle. I think her and Alan keep in touch? Ask her.
  7. Our love of hockey and anything involving hockey (the players while they stretch 😏) and how she always answers my questions and is currently killing it in fantasy hockey and teaching me every step of the way.
  8. Because of our late night tendencies, she is always awake and there when life gets to be a little too much. She always makes me laugh and knows what to say and I don't know what I'd do without her.