1. Y'all. I think saying y'all is adorable. And I'm usually talking 90 mph so any shortcuts are much appreciated.
    I do talk to/visit my southern family frequently enough to justify having a slight twang and throwing y'all into typical conversation. Especially if drinking is involved. One of my oldest friends from my hometown pointed out that I grew up 10 minutes up the road, not the Deep South and to stfu.
  2. Bless Your Heart
    Because I'm not super into conflict or hurting someone's feelings, I'm all about passive aggressive ways I can let someone know they're being an idiot. And it just sounds sweet with their accents even when it's not.
  3. A bigger love/understanding of football
    I think my love for the Buffalo Bills has made me grow as a person. But I think the college football excitement exclusive to the south brings a whole new ball game. Friday night lights and Saturday tailgates seem like the kind of social life I've been dying to have. Loud music, cheap domestic beer, drinking games and a fun crowd.
  4. Stereotypical but - pearls, glitter and big hair
    I've loved these things in any setting, always. I feel like it's more acceptable down yonder (see I'm learning).