These would make a great book someday.
  1. Order for me
    This is the biggest fuck you. It's not cute, it makes you come off thinking that a. I can't make decisions (I can and enjoy doing so especially about food, it's like my favorite thing)
  2. Shushed me/actually put their finger over my lips
    Because I was stating why I didn't think Ben Carson would make a good president while on a walk. He asked for my opinion then did this 😤 I almost bit his hand
  3. Took me to see a movie where there was an anal sex scene and asked "you ever do that?"
  4. When they order beer first and get light beer and I get regular beer then they order the same as me so they don't look emasculated.
    This was a direct quote from one guy and happened with three other guys after that. It doesn't matter 🙆🏽
  5. Followed me on Instagram after our first date where I quickly saw they were still with their girlfriend of four years.
  6. Told me they were home on college break because of assault charges on another female aka kicked out of school aka scary af
    I was more alarmed and scared than pissed off and I high tailed it out of there.
  7. Showed up to the date so stoned and was only able to ask me the same three questions repeatedly. Same guy who ordered for us though.
  8. Insulted my job as a nanny.
    Listen buddy this job got me through college and I still have a degree and im working on the whole job thing 😠