Things I Constitute as Emergency Items in My Car

  1. Sugar packets
    I need my coffee like hummingbird nectar and drive thrus almost never meet my needs to I hoard these in the side compartment in my car for easy access.
  2. Mascara
    My eyes need pick me ups throughout the day. Also I cry a lot in my car when I'm upset because I'm dramatic and like that music video feel so I need to replace what often runs down my face.
  3. Extra change of clothes
    1 set of gym clothes that I mostly use as pajamas for unexpected overnights. 1 set of semi dressy clothes in case I'm in gym clothes and need to go on a date or be cute or something. The gym is actually rarely involved in these scenarios
  4. Enough blankets for a small village
    My dad once asked is this a car or a brothel? I went through a big drive in movie phase, what can I say. Blankets are necessary for prime coziness. Also I live in the frozen north and drive a 15 year old car, I tend to plan on being stuck in a snow storm and proceed accordingly blanket wise
  5. At least 40 CDs that I change out frequently
    Music taste changes on my mood and the seasons. Also keep my old iPod Classic in there with like 4,000 songs. I'm your girl for impromptu road trips and other music related spontaneity 💃🏽
  6. Maps of local wine trails
    I can't even really read a map but this at least tells me which side of the road the wineries are coming up on. I live within 2 hours of 3 huge lakes full of wineries!
  7. At least 3 pairs of shoes
    Dressy, casual, gym (never really used again)