And knowing my dating luck by the time I finish this list like could become liked. Fingers crossed *insert fingers crossed emoji which should exist*
  1. How easy conversation is with you
  2. You came to the door to get me
  3. You changed the radio because you remembered I hate top 40 stations
  4. You kept looking over while driving doing this nervous smile thing that was adorable
  5. We bonded over our dislike of babies (sorry baby lovers)
  6. That you were embarrassed about your big Panera order
  7. You bit your pickle in half and gave me the other half like it was second nature.
    Probably the cutest first date moment I've ever had.
  8. The way you talk about your family
  9. When you played the most adorable song from The Longest Ride soundtrack
    Wildfire by Seafret look it up! I couldn't stop smiling and have been playing the song on a loop since Thursday. ☺️💃🏽
  10. You stopped and read all of the hand painted signs in my hallway and room and asked about different things hanging on my wall
  11. I knew it was game over the second you kissed me
  12. When you kept pulling me closer
  13. When we debated what bedding is called
    You calling all blankets on a bed covers. Me breaking it down calling it fitted sheet, regular sheet, blanket and comforter.
  14. When you asked me to go to breakfast the next morning
  15. Everything in between
  16. You telling me we'd talk later
  17. And later was only another 3 hours ☺️