1. Facebook Happy Birthday posts
    I am all or nothing here. Sometimes I get the notification scan through the list and go right to Instagram with a nostalgic post of well wishes and memories. Sometimes I look at the list, over a half hearted meh, and think that I'll go back to it later or probably not at all. But really it's me, not you.
  2. Remembering phone numbers
    Archaic right? Landlines are rare and who needs to when you have your full list of contacts at your digital disposal. Weirdly, I still know most of my family's numbers, my childhood best friend, her crush (the creeping was always too real for me, and of course my trusty local food chain. I wish I remembered can numbers, my roommates and semi unrelated, my credit card/social security.
  3. Sleeping
    Again all or nothing. Sometimes I sleep for 14 hours. Sometimes I sleep for 2. Sometimes I nap and wake up thinking it's the next day. What can you do.
  4. Talking about my feelings.
    I either talk to you like I'm writing into Dear Abby or I sit in silence, grim faced waiting to explode.