Things I Wonder

Inspired by @amyesi
  1. Will Instagram/my other fave social media apps ever develop the technology to show how much of a creep I am?
    Everyone's been making a lot of changes lately. Every time I see I have an update I nervously check to see if I'm about to be discovered 👀 my days as a modern day Nancy Drew are running out.
  2. After someone from Bumble gives you their number, what is the appropriate wait time to add them on snapchat/Instagram to show them you mean business.
    Modern day courting am I right? In high school I would have doodled Taylor Swift lyrics and written their name in hearts, now I can do this and snapchat it to them and wait and see if they're about it.
  3. What makes cute boys Bumble stop answering out of nowhere?
    What makes me stop answering cute boys on Bumble? What makes the world go round?