This ones for you @TQ and anyone else who's still following this whole deal. I've had a crazy week and haven't listed and just went back and reread my last installment about this dude and now I'm here to provide the closing chapter.
  1. So my last list about morning date guy was weirdly optimistic for me and the date itself. Usually I'm overthinking everything and want everyone's opinion but apparently last weeks Ali just decided to brave the optimism.
  2. Example: last weekend I thought he genuinely remembered he had to be someplace and that's why the date was cut short.
    But now I'm thinking that little voice in my head was right, he was just setting himself up to be able to gtfo.
  3. The following are hindsight realizations
  4. Last week was our first nice Rochester weekend. I wore a skirt and tall boots and this made my already tall figure close to 6'. This definitely threw him off.
    He definitely didn't look like put off but he kind of did a double take at my height/legs and noticed I was taller. This is just something that's never bothered me but whatever.
  5. He hugged me initially. Probably just a polite courtesy in hindsight.
  6. Conversation was consistent but not exactly exciting and there was no motions to plan anything for the future.
    We recommended restaurants and things to do for each other but at no point was there like hey we should do this together.
  7. Also he talked about the two jobs he's had in his whole 28 years and has hated both. I realize people have different work ethic and goals but for my own personal preferences I'm just really drawn to and attracted to ambitious people and he just seemed ready to coast through life based on connections and family money
    No Bueno 😒
  8. In our last lull in conversation he was like hedging around having to leave and at that point I'm a little suspicious
    But he's still like oh I'll walk you to your car.
  9. 1. I love the walking to car gesture. Especially if it's a night date. It's just a good feeling to know someone cares and is polite. 2. But this was mid morning in a crowded area and he clearly wasn't feeling it so don't confuse me and walk me there then follow it up with another mixed signal hug.
    Maybe he wanted to make himself feel better or is just not okay with a maiden walking unaccompanied in a busy street. Still just no it was a waste of time and confused me.
  10. He also followed all that up with I'll talk to you later today
    After he finished his imaginary thing he had to be at I think?
  11. But I never heard from him.
  12. Not that night.
  13. Not the following week
  14. And you know what?
  15. I wasn't even disappointed
  16. I think I'm getting used to the whole ghosting thing
  17. Plus he was just a lot more dull in person than he came off at first through all of our talking
  18. Maybe I was more dull to him as well
  19. Maybe I didn't meet his physical expectations
  20. But you know what else
  21. As a society we need to stop this ghosting deal
  22. If someone unsettles you or your uncomfortable or not having a good time, use your body language to show it.
  23. Obviously don't be rude but leave it as it was nice meeting you and leave it at that
  24. Don't hint towards future stuff when you don't mean it
  25. It makes you look like an asshole
  26. And it wastes someone else's time
  27. This could have been a lot worse, I could have liked him a lot
  28. But indifference isn't fun either
  29. So that's it. No more breakfast date guy.
  30. Maybe @TQ was right and breakfast daters are crazy
  31. Or he's after one of my roommates 😂