Update: Morning Coffee Date Finally Happened

I'll start from the beginning
  1. So this all begins on like March 30
    I messaged him on Bumble and he messaged me back and classic Ali, I forget to respond. Then he messages again and says was I too boring and does this funny thing asking me a trivia question because in my bio I have written that I like trivia. Usually a follow up message is annoying but I appreciated his effort and it was cute and I got the question right.
  2. We talk on Bumble for a couple of days then he makes the suggestion that we switch to texting and gives me his number
    We have pretty witty banter going and i'm learning a decent amount about him. He suggests coffee April 2. See this post You Guys the Morning Coffee Date Canceled at 7:17 This Morning
  3. That didn't come about and at first I was just like eh better than being ghosted I guess.
    But he follows up saying how bad he feels and says he especially feels bad because he's going out of town to Raleigh for a week and wanted to meet first.
  4. So now I'm kind of hopeful again
    And he continues this streak by checking in every other day so I kind of took that as him being like I'm still interested don't give up yet. But what do I know.
  5. Then he suggests we go to a driving range sometime and more seriously suggests getting dinner when he's back, taking us to this past week
  6. I let him know my schedule and he says he'll get back to me with his.
  7. But then it's like Wednesday and I'm like 👀
  8. So I'm like hey how's your week and I tell him a funny story about mine and I'm like any fun plans this weekend and he says he's just working on his house and would I like get coffee Saturday
  9. Then he's like or we could do full breakfast and I love breakfast more than anything so I'm all about that.
  10. So last night we confirm then today he texts me at 10:30 and he's like excited to see you at 11.
  11. We meet outside and he hugs me and we go sit and we talk pretty consistently throughout
  12. I realize I prefer drinks or coffee for a first meeting bc there's so much to talk about and it's hard to eat and do that
  13. The only weird thing was he asked what my roommates were up to today and I mentioned they were at a farmers market and he had a genuine oh shit look on his face and was like I forgot I'm meeting my mom at 1 and have to pick up something first.
    So that's either real or a get out of jail card to be done early
  14. Most dates I've been on have been like 2+ hours sometimes going to 4 but then again none of those have panned out anyways
    So we'll see
  15. He did walk me to my car and hugged me goodbye and said we'd talk later today
  16. To be continued